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Organic Ginger Root

Organic Ginger Root

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A prominent Spice in the Caribbean and around the globe. Ginger, (Latin: Zingiber officinale) is probably the world's most commonly used flavor additive. The root serves as the base of recipes in the cuisines of almost every culture.  This spice is great for adding to beverages or sipping on its own. 

Ginger is said to have many beneficial uses ranging from indigestion troubles to lack of appetite, the common cold, nausea, morning sickness related to pregnancy, even restoring a low sex drive!

To truly experience the pure ginger character from these dried and chopped pieces, we recommend brewing a simple tea made by infusing the ginger in boiling water, then adding lemon and honey. The lemon and honey will add a tang to the heat of the ginger.

Caffeine Content: None

INGREDIENTS: Cut Ginger Pieces 

How to Brew 

 1 slightly steeping tsp per 7-9 oz boiling water for  3-7 mins

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and is not indended as information to treat or cure.

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