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Masala Chai

Cochin Masala Chai is one of India's most popular beverages. Masala (spiced), and Chai (tea) is traditionally enjoyed using brewed milk instead of water. The same effect, however, can be created by brewing your tea in the usual fashion and adding warm milk. Our favorite way of enjoying this tea is with oat milk and a dash of maple syrup. Brew yourself a cup, grab a book, and cozy up with the flavors of India.

Caffeine Content: Medium 

INGREDIENTS: Black tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black + White pepper, Clove, Nutmeg.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA


Samples - 4-5 CUPS

1.5-3oz - 20-24 CUPS

3.2 OZ -6 OZ - 40- 45 CUPS

Black tea 3-5mins
Green tea 2-3mins

Oolong 2-3mins
White tea 2-3mins
Herbal Tea 3-5mins


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Vlad B
Eloquently Balanced

Gentle mix of natural "spice" with black team; blends well with a splash of milk

Carolyn Schofield
So flavorful

Purchase to make iced masala chai at home. Tastes exactly like favorite coffeehouse version.

Emily C
My favorite

My favorite tea! I love it with a splash of milk. Good spice level.

Chai that won't bite back

I have had many kinds of chai and many are either too spicy or not spicy enough. The ones that are too spicy must be served in latte form, and the ones that aren't spicy enough can't take milk at all. This is one of those rare tea blends that is good both ways. It is mellow and warm but it still has enough body to stand up to milk. Perfect!!

Celeste G
Tasty Surprise

I have always wanted to make Chai tea at home. Adding a bit of water and warm milk made it a spicy portion to wake me up. This has become my favorite.

Masala Chai



How long does this tea last?

Our premium loose leaf teas last approximately one year when kept in a cool dry place when resealed properly.

How much tea do I need?

We recommend - 1.5 tsps of tea per 8 oz of water

Whats the best way to steep my tea?

We recommend using a stainless teel infuser or tea filters to enjoy a single cup of tea.

How many cups of tea can I enjoy from one teaspoon?

Because this is whole leaf tea you can get 2-3 cups of tea from the same leaves depending on the tea type.

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